My name is Bob Bilyea and I'd like to welcome you to my Cash Cow Trading Strategies II website.

As a former portfolio manager for a large multi-national investment bank I have seen it all when it comes to trading and investing strategies. When you manage a multi-million dollar investment portfolio you need every edge you can get to put yourself above the rest of the crowd and keep your investors happy.

That "trading edge" concept shouldn't change one bit whether your managing millions or trying to grow a small investment account. You must have some sort of statistical advantage or edge to allow you to beat the rest of the crowd.

While at the bank we tried hundreds of different techniques, systems and strategies to give us that "edge". Through a detailed process of elimination we narrowed it down to a handful of techniques and strategies that allowed us to achieve above average performance. When I left the bank years later to trade privately for my own accounts I took those same techniques and strategies with me and have been using them successfully ever since.

Time and time again I continue to meet people who tell me that they would love to invest/trade in the stock or commodity markets but have no idea where to start or how to do it. I’ll be the first to admit, if you’re not familiar with how the stock/commodity markets work it can be a difficult task.

Where does an individual investor or trader even begin with the monumental challenge of educating yourself not only on how to invest/trade, but more importantly how to invest/trade successfully? With the added pressures of your job, family life and other time commitments where do you find the time to even start looking? I agree that it can be a very intimidating challenge.

After numerous requests over the years from people wanting to learn these methods, I've finally packaged them into one neat, easy to understand and comprehensive program called the Cash Cow Trading Strategies II. Here you'll find the exact same techniques, concepts and strategies I've been successfully using for years.

Now you too can learn to successfully trade stocks and commodities using my proven approach called the Cash Cow Trading Strategies II. Your trading process will become much easier using our clear and focused market trading strategies.

Like anything in life, once you learn the "rules of the game" and the proper techniques to play it can become a whole lot easier to excel in your chosen endeavor. Using the Cash Cow Trading Strategies II "trading rules" you will soon be able to spot some unbelievable money-making opportunities that you never knew existed before.

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