The Cash Cow Trading Strategies II™
Cash Cow Trading Strategy II.....a trading program that puts you in the drivers seat!

FINALLY, a complete and comprehensive trading program specifically designed to help traders and investors excel in today's fast competitive trading environment.

What is the Cash Cow Trading Strategy II and how can it help you become a successful more profitable trader?

Whether you are a newer trader or a seasoned veteran The Cash Cow Trading Strategy II will be of interest to anyone who would like to become a more confident and successful trader. The Cash Cow will teach you how to interpret specific price action as it unfolds in the market and use this information to develop a clear, concise and easy to follow trading strategy. Following this approach you'll be able to make much more accurate trades with far more consistent profits. And all this right in the comfort of your own home.

The main objective of my Cash Cow Trading Strategies II (CCTS II) is to take average traders and transform them into professional elite level traders. To make money in today's fast paced markets you need to approach it from a professional stand point not a part time hobby. You are trading against some of the worlds best and brightest traders. You'll need every advantage and edge you can get to become profitable and compete at their level. We believe this can be accomplished through an in-depth structured trading program developed and run by a successful former multi million dollar portfolio manager.

I'll share with you my 20 years experience as a professional money manager and trader showing you what works and what doesn't. I'll also show you the trading strategies, analysis methods, plus tips and tricks that have been consistently making me profits trading in the commodity futures, stock and forex markets (something that 9 out of 10 traders are unsuccessful at!). 

Who is the Cash Cow Trading Strategy II designed for?

The Cash Cow Trading Strategy is designed for anyone who wants to take their trading seriously and become successful in their endeavors. Our approach to trading is for profits plain and simple. Trading is not a hobby and requires a solid proven business approach if you are to be successful over the long run. Much of the trading we do will be focused on short term day trading in the currencies and equity indices. This gives us the ability to trade for an income each and every day.

The CCTS II however will work just as effectively on any market and time frame.
lf longer term trading is more your trading style the CCTS II will work just as well on the longer term time frames (intraday, daily, weekly).The CCTS II is universally applicable in all major markets...stocks, currencies, indices, metals, energy, grains, livestock, financials and softs. Trade hold times will vary depending on the market and time frame selected.

How your journey to successful trading begins.

The trader transformation begins with a comprehensive trading study guide where all the tools and information the trader will need are outlined and explained in great detail and using lots of chart examples to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. The basic premise of the CCTS II is the study and analysis of the price action itself. We teach you to understand and identify what the markets are telling you through a careful study of the price action. 

Once you have a solid grasp on the market structure I will then share with you the price pattern formations I use to actually time my entry into the market. In addition you receive "one on one" mentoring by myself as often as you need it. I'm available pretty much around the clock to help you and answer your trading related questions.

Learn how the markets work and trade first hand from someone who is putting his own money on the line every single day. As well you'll receive regular chart examples by e-mail showing you CCTS II trades that occurred and how they play out from start to finish. Many traders have said the knowledge they learn from these daily chart examples alone are well worth the cost of the program. 

The basic purpose of the daily chart updates is to help shorten your learning curve to successful trading. By keeping the CCTS II concepts and strategies fresh in your head it will increase your ability to analyze the market from a professional stand point. By showing you again and again how I have used these CCTS II concepts and strategies set ups each and every day in the markets you will quickly come to realize there is a lot of money to potentially be made from the markets when you know what to look for and how to go after it.

After seeing these charts enough they will soon become second nature to you and you will begin to look at the markets in a whole new light. Learn to see how the markets work through the eyes of professional trader with 20 years of front line battle experience.

Some of the topics covered in the CCTS II study guide.

  • The realities of trading as a business (or for an extra income)
  • Relevant trading times -When to trade and more importantly when not to trade
  • Basic market trading concepts 
  • How to properly identify the current market environment (trending markets and consolidation periods)
  • Higher odds entry patterns you can use to initiate trades and where to properly use them 
  • Cash Cow Trading Patterns -18 different price patterns for trade entry in all market environments
  • Trade and money management techniques to help your bottom line
  • How to identify trading opportunities using momentum
  • Exit strategies designed to lock in profits
  • Multi time frame analysis
  • Market structure and dynamics
  • Trend Analysis- Strategies for trading the trend
  • Gaps Analysis- Strategies for trading market gaps
  • Trading range strategies
  • Putting it all together- Your road map to success. A review of the CCTS II trading methods
  • Trade examples - over 150 chart examples to help drive home the CCTS II strategies and concepts
  • Market tips and tricks and more

The hard reality is most traders lose money.

It is a statistical fact widely known in the commodity futures and forex trading industry, that most traders lose money. One of the biggest reasons for people continually losing money is from lack of a formal trading education (reading a book or two just doesn't work). In many cases some of those losses would be totally preventable if the trader had only known what to look for before jumping into the markets.

You certainly wouldn't trust someone to operate on you after reading a "surgery for dummies" book. Nor would you trust your life with a pilot who earned his license in a 2 day home study training course. Yet every year thousands and thousands of people think they can just open a trading account themselves and jump into the financial arena and make a fortune in the markets.

Sooner or later the odds will catch up with you and you will become part of the sad statistics. I see it continually happen to old and new traders alike every year. There are many professional traders, like myself who have spent a lot of time, energy and money educating and immersing themselves in the markets. We are there, day in and day out, and are there for one reason only, to capitalize on the unsuspecting and make money at your expense. 

The good news is you don't have to become part of that unsuspecting group that is generally having their money taken away by the pros every day.

A proven solid well researched trading education can go a long way to help propel you in the same elite group of trading professionals that consistently are in the top 10% and are earning most of the money.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself with 100% honesty;

  • Are you satisfied with your current trading/investing performance?
  • Are you suffering from losses or inconsistent trading results?
  • Do you have a clear, concise and complete trading strategy or investing plan?
  • Are you afraid to pull the trigger or are you missing trades from fear of losing?

If you have been suffering from any of the above then you need to get a trading education and you need to do it fast! Join us today and start seeing the positive changes that a well thought out trading plan will give you. If not you will continue to make the same mistakes and continue to see the same poor results. The choice to a better trading future is yours to make.

Take charge of your trading today!

The casino owners in Las Vegas have known for years that you can make millions with just a small "edge". Why shouldn't you approach your trading the exact same way? The Cash Cow Trading Strategies II will give you the "house edge" that you'll need to win in today's competitive trading environment.

See what the professionals have known and been doing for years. Change the way you trade starting today! By empowering yourself with a professionally developed trading approach you will be set to take a firm control of your financial future.

There are very few trading programs that can come close to offering what the CCTS II does and the few that do are in the $4000 to $10,000 neighborhood. You can obtain the CCTS II for a small fraction of the cost of the more expensive trading programs. For just $2.18 a day you can be on the way to a lifetime of more consistent and reliable trading results.

That's just $2.18 a day! Most people spend more than that a day on coffee.

The time is ticking away fast so don't delay any longer. Invest in a trading education that will pay you back for a lifetime. Join us today and see what you've been missing. Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me if I can answer any questions you may have. I'd be more than happy to talk with you further and show you how the Cash Cow Trading Strategies II  can help change your trading performance for the better. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards, 

Bob Bilyea

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